The Second Home

by darshanchakma

Most of the university going students in Dhaka city come from different districts of Bangladesh. Among these students maximum are from middle class families and a large number of them have to live in this mega city without their families but with their friends. Some time it becomes difficult for them to match with the urban life style. It takes couple of months or even a year to get used to this unknown city, unknown life and unknown faces. And soon they find themselves in their new home which they call “The second home”.

Being bachelors and students it is really hard to lead lives here. No one to take care of them, no one to show the right way or the right things and most of them they get a very limited budget from parents. They are the care taker of themselves.

Most of their monthly liquid money spends on house rent, food and transportation. As a consequent, they can not effort much for good accommodation and nutritious foods. They have to live on outside foods, have to share places while sleeping and studying.

Though living among so many urban problems and difficulties they do not forget how to struggle and how to entertain. And, always welcome a new member to their second home where they live.